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David Diehl

New York Giants




Strength: David Diehl is a big man. David Diehl plays tough and intelligent with persistant effort. David Diehl plays with a lot more athleticism than his workouts show. David Diehl has the build and experience to play both Tackle and Guard.
Weakness: David Diehl had disconcertingly bad pre-draft workouts. David Diehl is weak for an offensive lineman.
Development: David Diehl would have been drafted far higher if not for his workout numbers. David Diehl was an dominant pass blocker, who plays a lot more polished than you'd expect from a guy who only won a starting job last year. David Diehl is a good run blocker too, but could still use some work in that area. David Diehl should be ready to step into the New York rotation as a versatile backup lineman until he can win a permanent job. David Diehl could end up a starter in the NFL at any of the five line positions, except perhaps blindside tackle, a few years down the road.
Fantasy Football Rating: If he starts, he helps passing and running game.
Prospect Type: Polished. Versatile.

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