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Jerome McDougle

Philadelphia Eagles




Strength: Jerome McDougle is an extremely athletic defensive end. He combines speed and quickness and agility to outmaneuver offensive linemen.
Weakness: Jerome McDougle is small for the position and could struggle against some of the league's better tackles. Jerome McDougle's college statistics are not especially impressive.
Development: Jerome McDougle is one of those players who's athletic skills and speed made him a high draft pick, rather than production (which wasn't bad). Jerome McDougle is someone Philadelphia sees as possibly being one of the most dominant ends in the league. But it remains to be seen. Jerome McDougle is a hard player to scout. No one doubts whether Jerome McDougle has the physical skills to be great, the only question is: How will Jerome McDougle adapt weekly to much greater talent than he faced in college. We should know by this year or next.
Fantasy Football Rating: Jerome McDougle is another good stats person, as a quick pass rushing end. Even if he plays poorly on most snaps, he should pick up 7-10 sacks.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 60% chance of success. 45% chance of Pro Bowl.

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