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Donnie Nickey

Tennessee Titans



Ohio State

Strength: Donnie Nickey has excellent height and size to play either safety position. Donnie Nickey has above average football-field speed for a safety. Donnie Nickey was a 4-year starter who understands his role in the defense.
Weakness: Donnie Nickey didn't get in on a lot of big plays.
Development: Donnie Nickey is a guy you look at and can't find any reason he can fail in this league, other than not doing things to stick out. Donnie Nickey has all of the skills he needs for his position. Donnie Nickey should be ready to step right in and start at either safety position in the NFL as soon as Tennessee is ready for him. Donnie Nickey has size a special teams coach would love if Donnie Nickey doesn't get the starting job this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: No Impact.
Prospect Type: Polished.

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