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Matt Walters

New York Jets




Strength: Matt Walters has very good height for a defensive lineman. He has very good athleticism speed for a defensive lineman. Matt Walters is very experienced as a defensive tackle, with plenty of playing time against top talent in his 4 years at Miami. Matt Walters had pretty good pass rush numbers for a DT. Matt Walters has excellent football intelligence and technique.
Weakness: Matt Walters is far too lean for NFL defensive tackle, and possibly even for defensive end.
Development: Matt Walters played the wrong position in college and it really hurt him in the draft. Most years though, Matt Walters would have been a third round pick. Matt Walters has all of the speed and agility you look for in an end. He has all of the physical and intellectual tools to achieve greatness, but he probably won't do it this year because he has never really played like a defensive end. Matt Walters will do fine against the run after a few training camp sessions about how to contain, but he will need to learn how to pass rush and he will need opportunities to practice in games.
Fantasy Football Rating: Not this year.
Prospect Type: Project. Ideal Size. Athletic.

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