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Michael Haynes

Chicago Bears



Penn State

Strength: Michael Haynes came on strong as a pass rusher his senior year. Michael Haynes made a lot of plays on the other side of the ball. Michael Haynes has good size for a defensive end, and combines it with good skills sliding around blockers. Michael Haynes has no glaring weaknesses.
Weakness: Michael Haynes needs to improve his technique tackling and develop a few more pass rush and run rush moves.
Development: Michael Haynes is ready to step in and be a productive defensive end for the Chicago Bears. His college stats show that Michael will adapt and improve over time. He had a rather average first few years in college before exploding into a dominant college player in 2002. He isn't a great athlete, but he's got natural skills and he will be around the ball a lot and make a lot of big plays this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: Don't expect a sack crown, but if Chicago uses him correctly he could challenge guys like Suggs and some of the one-dimensional pass rushers in the later rounds for the rookie sack crown. He is an impact end who will immediately make the Bears defense better, but he won't carry the D this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 75% chance of success. 34% chance of Pro Bowl

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