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Dan Curley

St. Louis Rams



Eastern Washington

Strength: Dan Curley is a natural receiver from the tight end position. Dan Curley has good height.
Weakness: Dan Curley doesn't have much experience, mostly because of one injury after another. Dan Curley is far below average in his blocking skills and strength.
Development: Dan Curley is a project player who probably won't be playing much on offense this year, which might be good for healing up his injuries. Dan Curley does have some upside though, playing for a team that likes the wide open game. Dan Curley may develop into an excellent pass-catching tight end in time, but first he needs to become at least adequate as a blocker. Dan Curley may see time at special teams, but that'd be an injury risk mistake if St. Louis has future plans for him. Dan Curley should add some muscle, as doing so would turn him into a much bigger prospect.
Fantasy Football Rating: Dan Curley could see some red-zone playing time as a receiver.
Prospect Type: Project. Injury History.

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