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James Lee

Green Bay Packers



Oregon State

Strength: James Lee has near-ideal size for a defensive tackle. James Lee uses his size, athleticism and good tackle speed to stuff the running game.
Weakness: For all of James Lee's impressive size and athleticism, he couldn't win the starting job at Oregon State after a solid junior college career.
Development: James Lee doesn't really have any pass rush moves, and that is probably why he didn't play full-time at Oregon State. James Lee might have better fortunes in the NFL where pass rush is often not a large part of the job description and huge defensive tackles who can stack up the run are a premium. James Lee should challenge for a starting job right away. James Lee has better athleticism than most guys his size and could develop into a pass rusher in a few years, and thus one of the best all-around defensive tackles in the league. Then again, you have to wonder whenever a guy wasn't a starter in college, which, along with great depth at tackle, had James Lee slip down to the 5th round.
Fantasy Football Rating: If he starts he will be an impact run stopper.
Prospect Type: Raw. Prototype.

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