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Kindal Moorehead

Carolina Panthers




Strength: Kindal Moorehead is an intelligent defensive end with strong arms. Kindal Moorehead has defensive tackle type abilities to make tackles while being blocked. Kindal Moorehead is a solid pass rusher.
Weakness: Kindal Moorehead has had several moderately serious injuries that appear to have effected his leg strength and speed.
Development: Kindal Moorehead has the abilities to be a solid defensive end in the league, but no stand out skills that will keep him around unless he shows his coaches something right away. Kindal Moorehead will need to learn the play book real quick and show that his injuries won't stop him this year. If he makes the roster, Kindal Moorehead will have his foot in the door and get more opportunities to prove himself which should eventually lead him to a long career as a #2 or #3 defensive end.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Injury History.

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