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James Davis

Detroit Lions



West Virginia

Strength: James Davis made a lot of big impact plays in college. He had some experience at strong safety early in his college career. James Davis has very strong legs and uses them very well to duck under and get push against much larger players.
Weakness: James Davis lacks ideal speed to play safety. James Davis is too small to be an every down linebacker.
Development: Detroit should win an award for most athletic draft picks (or maybe for the most 'tweener' draft picks). James Davis figures to battle for a job at Strong Safety, where his size, agility, and tackling skills would more than make up for less-than-ideal speed. It may take a year or two before he is ready to start there, and in the mean time he could also see time at blitzing linebacker on passing downs. James Davis figures to blitz often as a safety as well. James Davis has the tools to be a dominant special teams player right away.
Fantasy Football Rating: If he starts, a lot of tackles. Otherwise, not much.
Prospect Type: Tweener. Athletic.

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