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Justin Gage

Chicago Bears




Strength: Justin Gage combines great height with good size and adequate speed at the wide receiver position. Justin Gage is an intelligent player who has experience at QB. Justin Gage has powerful legs and excellent leaping skills. Justin Gage runs crisp routes and reads defenses very well.
Weakness: Justin Gage drops a lot of passes. Justin Gage doesn't have break-away speed.
Development: Justin Gage is an excellent prospect for this 5th round pick. Chicago has diversified its receiving corps in this draft. Justin Gage probably will be the #5 receiver this year, but will likely get opportunities to use his height in the red-zone. Justin Gage shows potential to be a possesion receiver, with power to break tackles after the catch for modest runs. Justin Gage has the size most teams want now, but could become a more dominant player with some time in the weight room.
Fantasy Football Rating: Red-zone receiver.
Prospect Type: Ideal Build. Project.

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