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Ryan Pontbriand

Cleveland Browns




Strength: Ryan Pontbriand is considered to be one of the best long snappers in football at any level. Ryan Pontbriand is very intelligent.
Weakness: It would be an understatement to say Ryan Pontbriand is undersized for the center position. Ryan Pontbriand can get literally run over by big defensive tackles and linebackers. Ryan Pontbriand has worse strength numbers than most cornerbacks and worse athleticism numbers than most 350lbs offensive linemen.
Development: Ryan Pontbriand figures to have one job in his NFL career, long-snapper. Ryan Pontbriand will either win the job or be cut and signed by someone else to start at long-snapper.
Fantasy Football Rating: Will be steadying presence on kicks and punts.
Prospect Type: Polished. Special Skill - Long-Snapper.

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