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Kenny King

Arizona Cardinals




Strength: Kenny King was a very strong and quick defensive tackle in college. Kenny King had a lot of QB pressures in college.
Weakness: Kenny King is undersized for the DT position, but he didn't make a number of sacks in college that would indicative of DE aptitude.
Development: Kenny King has good physical tools, but his size will likely force a move to defensive end from defensive tackle in the NFL. Kenny King will be a backup this year, and could see time filling in at every position on the line. Kenny King has the speed to learn to drop off and cover tight ends, the size to stop the run from the end position, and the quickness to spend a great deal of time in the backfield. Kenny King could develop into a good starting defensive end if he can put his natural athleticism to good use.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Project. Tweener.

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