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Ty Warren

New England Patriots



Texas A&M

Strength: Ty Warren is prototype size for a DT. Ty Warren moves around relatively well and can get good push on the line to collapse pockets and keep blockers off his linebackers.
Weakness: Ty Warren sometimes relies too much on talent, which will be matched in the NFL. Ty Warren appears to get tired and rest during games at times.
Development: Ty Warren can step in as a solid defensive tackle right away. He has experience at DE in college but he doesn't have the speed to make an impact as a pass rusher from the outside, unless Ty Warren becomes a superior lineman in his technique some day. Technique is also an issue on the inside, but Ty Warren is athletic enough that New England won't have a production drop off with him starting there while he learns the game.
Fantasy Football Rating: Ty Warren most likely won't have much effect on the New England defense this year. Next year he could make for a large improvement in run defense and free up linebackers to make more plays.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 70% chance of success. 35% chance of Pro Bowl.

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