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Robert Mathis

Indianapolis Colts



Alabama A&M

Strength: The majority of tackles Robert Mathis made last year were behind the line of scrimmage. Robert Mathis is very strong and very intelligent. Robert Mathis was a sack machine in college.
Weakness: Robert Mathis is too small to be a defensive end, possibly too small to be a linebacker, not good in pass coverage, and has played defensive end most of his life.
Development: Robert Mathis is beyond a tweener. Robert Mathis is a man with a history of super production, but no position that suits him. If Robert Mathis shows himself to be as good at creating chaos in the backfield as he was at the college level, however, Indianapolis will invent a position for him. Robert Mathis figures to be used solely as a blitzing linebacker if he earns a job this year. Robert Mathis projects to that role in the future too, unless after a few years of work he is able to learn some coverage skills and reads from the linebacker position. Robert Mathis has the intelligence necessary.
Fantasy Football Rating: If used properly, his sack statistics could some day soar. Not this year.
Prospect Type: Project. Tweener. Dominant. Special Skill - Plays in the Backfield.

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