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Terrence Holt

Detroit Lions



North Carolina State

Strength: Terrence Holt has all of the tools to play strong safety and has experience at free safety. Terrence Holt is a top notch athlete with good upper-body strength. Terrence Holt plays intelligently. Terrence Holt is best known around college football for his kick blocking skills.
Weakness: Terrence Holt doesn't have great speed.
Development: Terrence Holt is an accomplished college player on special teams, pass coverage, and run stopping. He consistantly made big plays through-out his college career, and figures to do the same at the pro level. Terrence Holt was best in college at free safety, but his skills figure to make him a strong safety in the NFL. Terrence Holt can challenge for playing time at SS this year and should be a good starter some day. Terrence Holt will be a special teams starter this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: Impact special teamer. Lots of tackles in college from both safety positions.
Prospect Type: Productive. Athletic. Polished.

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