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Solomon Bates

Seattle Seahawks



Arizona State

Strength: Solomon Bates is a strong and intelligent linebacker who has played a variety of linebacker schemes. Solomon Bates has the intelligence to read defenses and be a play calling middle linebacker.
Weakness: Solomon Bates does not have the speed or agility to be an outside linebacker and possibly not even a middle linebacker. Solomon Bates is a below average tackler in the open field.
Development: Solomon Bates is a very experienced college linebacker who has played against good college competition and done well. Solomon Bates does not have any of the physical skills you look for in a linebacker. However, Solomon Bates overcame these deficiencies in college with his intelligence to become a starter right out of high school and maybe he can do the same in the pros. Solomon Bates has the mental aptitude to play MLB in any scheme.
Fantasy Football Rating: Didn't put up good statistics at college level.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go.

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