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Ovie Mughelli

Baltimore Ravens



Wake Forest

Strength: Ovie Mughelli is the prototype of what scouts look for in a fullback now with great size, good hands (not used much because of pass blocking skills), good pass blocking, and hard-hitting run blocking. Ovie Mughelli has experience at halfback and tight end. Ovie Mughelli was a productive goal-line back.
Weakness: Ovie Mughelli doesn't have ball-carrier skills such as nifty feet and acceleration.
Development: Ovie Mughelli understands his position and how to play it to NFL standards. Ovie Mughelli is ready to play and should be a starter from the day he enters the NFL until her retires. Not bad for the end of the fourth round. Ovie Mughelli could also be converted to tight end and contribute right away.
Fantasy Football Rating: Similar to a dominant offensive lineman.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Special Skill - Dominant Blocker. Prototype Size.

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