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Austin King

Tampa Bay Buccaneers




Strength: Austin King is an intelligent Center who gets the most out of his tall body. Austin King has a strong upper body.
Weakness: Austin King doesn't have the speed for Guard or to be used on pulling plays. Austin King has good coordination, but is not very athletic. Austin King needs to build a more powerful leg base, which might help his movement speed too.
Development: Austin King has the height to play any position on the line, but lacks the foot-speed to play anywhere other than Center. Austin King's makes great reads of the defense and should be one of the better centers in the league at making blocking calls against a wider array of confusing NFL defensive looks. Austin King is very powerful when he gets his arms into defensive tackles and will put a lot of them on their backs. Austin King makes up for what he lacks in skills with great heart and intelligence, and should be ready to start right away. Austin King probably has the size and cunning to fill in at every position on the line.
Fantasy Football Rating: Should improve running game and passing game with good technique and make other linemen better as well.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Productive.

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