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LaBrandon Toefield

Jacksonville Jaguars




Strength: LaBrandon Toefield powerful legs going up the middle with a quick sidestep.
Weakness: LaBrandon Toefield is not particularly athletic. LaBrandon Toefield is not a good blocker. LaBrandon Toefield didn't have particularly good statistics at LSU. LaBrandon Toefield has had a lot of relatively serious injuries.
Development: LaBrandon Toefield has the size to be a halfback or fullback, but didn't display the skills for either in college. LaBrandon Toefield projects as a goal-line back, unless he gets healthy and suddenly shows more than he showed in college. LaBrandon Toefield does move well up the field if he's given space. LaBrandon Toefield may be a better receiver than his college stats showed. Jacksonville may have plans to see if LaBrandon Toefield is willing to develop the blocking skills and muscle mass to be a fullback.
Fantasy Football Rating: May be excellent as the goal line man, as Jacksonville doesn't like to expose its current injury-prone superstar running back in goal line situations. Bad news for Fred Taylor's stats.
Prospect Type: Raw. Injury History. Ideal Size.

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