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Jamal Green

Philadelphia Eagles




Strength: Jamal Green has a lot of experience playing for a major college program in Miami. Jamal Green has good speed and quickness for his size. Jamal Green has very strong arms.
Weakness: Jamal Green plays small. Jamal Green hasn't learned the technique to be a run stopper, though he improved last year.
Development: Jamal Green is an excellent pass rusher, ready to step right in as a defensive end on pass rushing downs. Jamal Green's athletic skills are more reminiscent of a MLB, though that is a very demanding position mentally for someone who hasn't played LB to try to learn for the first time in the NFL. So Jamal Green figures to be a pass rush specialist and special teams player, unless he learns to use his great strength to play bigger on the field.
Fantasy Football Rating: Philadelphia has several young pass rush specialists, so Jamal Green may not get much time this year.
Prospect Type: Raw. Athletic.

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