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Lance Nimmo

Tampa Bay Buccaneers



West Virginia

Strength: Lance Nimmo has excellent tackle height, with powerful legs and arms.
Weakness: Lance Nimmo was too lean for the Tackle position in college and barely quick enough. Lance Nimmo is not a very good run blocker.
Development: Lance Nimmo could be a Tackle if he puts on weight, but may not be quick enough for the position at even his current weight. Lance Nimmo projects more as a Guard, and has the skills to be an excellent pass protector from that position. Lance Nimmo may be intelligent enough to pick up the position right away, but he figures as a project player to show up as a starter a couple years down the road. Lance Nimmo really needs to work on his run blocking during that time.
Fantasy Football Rating: Excellent pass protector, but probably won't start.
Prospect Type: Raw. Special Skill - Pass Blocking.

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