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Jimmy Kennedy

St. Louis Rams



Penn State

Strength: Jimmy Kennedy is a big man. He can single handidly alter the style of teams that like to run the ball up the middle. He moves well for his size and is tall enough to block passing lanes.
Weakness: He is below average as a pass rusher.
Development: Jimmy Kennedy will make an instant impact in St. Louis as a run stopper. At times Jimmy Kennedy has shown some ability to collapse the pocket as a pass rusher, and Jimmy Kennedy may have the athleticism to some day turn into a better than average pass rusher from the DT position. There aren't many good pass rushing DTs in the league now anyways as the position has become more about controlling the line and blocking guys off of the linebackers. Jimmy Kennedy should be immediately good at those things.
Fantasy Football Rating: In college Jimmy Kennedy put up good statistics for a defensive lineman. He could instantly take 20 yards per game off of opponents' rushing stats against St. Louis. This should allow the Rams to gamble more with blitzes or to double-cover receivers more.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 90% chance of success. 40% chance of Pro Bowl.

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