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Shurron Pierson

Oakland Raiders



South Florida

Strength: Shurron Pierson has a great combination of speed, strength, and athleticism for a defensive end. Shurron Pierson is excellent in pass coverage. Shurron Pierson makes big plays on special teams.
Weakness: Shurron Pierson is too undersized for traditional DE position.
Development: Shurron Pierson probably won't play defensive end in the NFL unless he puts on 20-30 lbs. Shurron Pierson does have ideal LB skills and should play that position in the NFL. Shurron Pierson will of course take time to develop the instincts of the LB position, though he played in a DE scheme that had a lot of the same requirements in college. Shurron Pierson should be a special teams starter this year. Shurron Pierson could be a pass rush specialist while he learns LB.
Fantasy Football Rating: Nothing yet.
Prospect Type: Tweener. Raw. Athletic.

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