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Rien Long

Tennessee Titans



Washington State

Strength: Rien Long has ideal Defensive Tackle height. Rien Long is very muscular. Rien Long is quick for a man of his height. Rien Long has a pretty good leaping ability, though he needs to learn to get his hands up in passing lanes more. Rien Long displayed excellent pass rushing skills last year to go with his already dominating run stopping skills.
Weakness: Rien Long probably needs another 15lbs to compensate for height, though he didn't get lifted up from underneath too much at college level. Rien Long has a knee problem and may end up needing surgery.
Development: Rien Long is basically what scouts look for in terms of physique and production from a DT. Rien Long has a long way to go developing his game, but he's already far enough along to be an NFL starter. Rien Long could win a starting job this year if he's healthy enough. Rien Long has as much upside as anyone in the draft, and really not much downside other than a knee problem. I frankly had him going a couple rounds higher in the draft. But that's what happens when you have so much depth at the DT position in the draft. Rien Long has all the tools of a superstar and not really a weakness, we will see if that comes about. Rien Long may have the quickness to play DE too.
Fantasy Football Rating: Might get some sacks if he starts.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Ideal build.

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