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Ivan Taylor

Pittsburgh Steelers



UL Lafayette

Strength: Ivan Taylor is built like and plays like a safety, has the athleticism of a great cornerback, and has most of his experience as a special teamer and running back. Ivan Taylor was dominant in his limited experience at CB against lesser college teams. Ivan Taylor combines being one of the best leapers in the draft with being one of the fastest players in the draft. Ivan Taylor picked up technique very quickly at a variety of positions.
Weakness: Ivan Taylor appeared to have trouble catching passes on offense and defense, though he did fine as a kick returner. Ivan Taylor hasn't played any position long enough to develop his technique.
Development: Ivan Taylor is a very good late 4th round pick. Ivan Taylor has adequate size and strength to play any DB position, and as raw as he is it is hard to predict what will end up his role in the NFL. Ivan Taylor should immediately be the best kick returner on Pittsburgh's team, but may not have the hands for punt returns. Ivan Taylor has the skills to be a great punt and kick blocker however. Ivan Taylor is actually pretty close to what scouts want to find in their cornerbacks, but few guys with Ivan's size and strength have the agility and acceleration for the position, and they are typically top 15 draft picks. That means Ivan Taylor will be a steal if he plays cornerback well in this league. Ivan Taylor will probably take a couple years to develop the skills for his positions as he has little experience and technique. Ivan Taylor might have the athleticism to play them now anyways. Ivan Taylor is up there with Boss Baily as two of the top athletes in the draft. Don't be surprised to see Ivan Taylor play some offense.
Fantasy Football Rating: Could be great kick returner, not much else statistically.
Prospect Type: Raw. Extreme Athleticism. Special Skill - Kick Returns.

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