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Brandon Lloyd

San Francisco 49ers




Strength: Brandon Lloyd is an intelligent receiver who knows the fundamentals of his position. Brandon Lloyd has great hands.
Weakness: Brandon Lloyd is not as agile as scouts would like in a guy of his size.
Development: Brandon Lloyd is an unusual draft pick at receiver for San Francisco, in that he already has relatively polished receiving skills and no outstanding physical traits such as height or speed. However, Brandon Lloyd has enough speed to play in this league and they needed a receiver who can come right in and play. Brandon Lloyd should immediately battle for the #3 receiver spot and if #2 struggles again Brandon Lloyd could take that job by the end of the year. Brandon Lloyd is not considered to have as much upside as the current receivers, but he has a more consistent history of productivity on his side and he won't get lost on the field.
Fantasy Football Rating: 20-30 catches if he wins #3 job.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go.

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