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Roderick Babers

New York Giants




Strength: Roderick Babers is an athletic, fast, muscular cornerback. Roderick Babers plays very intelligently and has all the fundamentals of the position already.
Weakness: Roderick Babers is short.
Development: Roderick Babers is an excellent pick by a team that 2 years ago had terrible cornerbacking and has picked up one good cornerback after another since. Roderick Babers will battle for the nickel position this year, but may eventually be the best of a very good group of corners. You may think I'm crazy, since he was a 4th round pick, but Roderick Babers is a great cornerback who just happens to be short. But that isn't all Roderick Babers is, he should also be in on every special teams group. Roderick Babers is great with the ball in his hands and is a strong tackler as well.
Fantasy Football Rating: Roderick Babers should be the second kick returner this year. Roderick Babers has a knack for turning turnovers into touchdowns, but may not play enough.
Prospect Type: Undersized. Polished. Ready-to-go.

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