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Steve Sciullo

Indianapolis Colts




Strength: Steve Sciullo is an ideal size for a lineman. Steve Sciullo uses his arms and legs well as a pass blocker. Steve Sciullo has the size to be a dominant run blocker as well. Steve Sciullo has good field intelligence.
Weakness: Steve Sciullo doesn't have the speed to get outside or up the field on running plays and screens. Steve Sciullo can get beat by outside blitzers.
Development: Steve Sciullo has the physical size and knowledge to play the Tackle position, but may not have the speed. If that is the case, Steve Sciullo certainly has the skills to be a dominant Guard. Steve Sciullo was successful in college and could be yet another example why offensive linemen are the safest draft picks. Steve Sciullo should be able to start whenever the Colts are ready for him. Steve Sciullo needs some work on his run blocking.
Fantasy Football Rating: Good pass blocker who can only help Manning. Big size and strength will at least keep him in the way of defenders trying to get to the ball carrier.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Productive.

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