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Justin Griffith

Atlanta Falcons



Mississippi State

Strength: Justin Griffith is has excellent skills as a ball carrier up the middle, such as speed and power. Justin Griffith may be the best receiver coming out of the backfield in this year's draft, though curiously his pass receptions have declined each year. Justin Griffith explodes into defenders as a run blocker. Justin Griffith has very strong arms and chest.
Weakness: Justin Griffith had a serious neck injury in 2001. Justin Griffith doesn't have great moves as a runner. Justin Griffith isn't as good of a pass blocker as one would expect out of a fullback.
Development: Justin Griffith has very good speed and athleticism for a fullback, which will provide Atlanta with another unique running back. With Dunn having great speed, good moves, and good hands; Duckett having good speed, good moves, and great power; and now Griffith having good speed, great power, and great hands; defenses around the NFL will have a lot to worry about. Don't be surprised to see Justin Griffith used prominantly this year. If Justin Griffith does well as a blocker he will be a starter for years to come. There is no doubt Justin Griffith will be successful as a receiver out of the backfield. Justin Griffith has the tools to play H-back, Fullback, and third-down tailback. Don't be surprised to see all three backs in the game and a few option plays run by Michael Vick, due to the versatility Griffith brings. Defenses will be having confusion nightmares going into Atlanta. Makes me salivate as a football fan, can you tell? But it's all speculation and Griffith has to prove he can do it in the NFL as the others have before that'll happen.
Fantasy Football Rating: Not with all those RBs around.
Prospect Type: Productive. Special Skill - Versatile Receiver. Ready-to-go.

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