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Asante Samuel

New England Patriots



Central Florida

Strength: Asante Samuel is an athletic and intelligent cornerback. Asante Samuel gets his hands on the ball a lot in pass coverage.
Weakness: Asante Samuel doesn't have ideal cornerback speed. Asante Samuel does not tackle bigger players very well.
Development: Asante Samuel shows the skills of a solid man-to-man cornerback, but may not have the speed for the position in the NFL. If Asante Samuel cannot find a way to compensate for his speed deficiency on defense, he is more than adequate as a special teams player and looks good with the ball in his hands. Asante Samuel will at best be a nickel corner on the defense this year. In a scheme such as cover 2, it is possible Asante Samuel can be a pretty good cornerback down the road.
Fantasy Football Rating: Solid return man and as a corner he made a lot of plays on the ball in college.
Prospect Type: Productive. Ready-to-go.

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