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Marcus Trufant

Seattle Seahawks



Washington State

Strength: Marcus Trufant is a polished CB with great athletic skills which allow him to blanket receivers.
Weakness: Marcus Trufant has below average speed for a CB.
Development: Some guys get raised or dropped in the draft based on workouts, Marcus Trufant isn't one of those guys. In fact Seattle overlooked there needs in the draft because they feel Marcus Trufant will make a bigger improvement at a position where they already have good players, than a good player would have made at one of their weak positions. Marcus Trufant is one of those guys who has always succeeded at everything he has been asked to do, and there is no reason to believe he won't do that at the next level as a starting CB for Seattle. Marcus Trufant's kind make it by hard work and intelligence.
Fantasy Football Rating: Not a big INT guy in college, but Marcus Trufant's athleticism will net him an occassional one returned for a TD. Marcus will be a good player immediately, but not a good fantasy football player.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 90% chance of success. 75% chance of Pro Bowl.

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