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Jeremy Johnson

Cincinnati Bengals



Western Kentucky

Strength: Jeremy Johnson is very strong and very round. Jeremy Johnson has good hands. Jeremy Johnson has better speed and cutting skills than you expect from a man his size, which is why he is a fullback. Jeremy Johnson may be the best ball-carrying FB in the draft.
Weakness: Jeremy Johnson's skills set aren't being used by any NFL teams right now, except at halfback in Pittsburgh.
Development: WATCH OUT for that bowling ball...FWAP! Jeremy Johnson has the pass-blocking and receiving skills to be considered as a tight end. Jeremy Johnson is a bruising runner, but surprisingly for a guy his size he can occassionally make defenders grab air with his sudden lateral movements. Jeremy Johnson is reminiscent of Iron-Head Hayward, but with more receiving skills. Jeremy Johnson is an adequate run and pass blocker who should start for Cincinnati if he can apply himself to learning the system right away. Cincinnati probably got him to be a run blocker in the Lorenzo Neal mold, but that isn't really what Jeremy Johnson does best. It would be wise for Cincinnati to give Jeremy Johnson 10 carries up the middle and 3 or 4 running screens on the outside each game to beat up the defense for their tailback and receivers. Jeremy Johnson will go as far in this league as he's willing to work for, but its a bruising job to have.
Fantasy Football Rating: Didn't score a lot in college, but you'd think he'd be a red-zone specialist.
Prospect Type: Unique Trait - Ball Skills with his build. Productive.

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