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Dan Klecko

New England Patriots




Strength: Dan Klecko is a very strong and relatively quick playmaker at DT. Dan Klecko plays with power and bursts, and never gives up on being in on a play. Dan Klecko spends an incredible amount of time in the backfield redirecting plays, with over 50 plays made in the backfield last year if you count QB hurries.
Weakness: Dan Klecko is very short and underweight for DT, but shows surprising leaping ability for a short, round man. Dan Klecko is not a good consistent run stopper, though he more than makes up for it by redirecting so many running plays in the backfield.
Development: Dan Klecko fell in the draft for one reason alone - height. Not that it is his only weakness, but Dan Klecko is a pure, dominant playmaker on the football field. Dan Klecko should start on passing rushing downs for New England this year. Dan Klecko should soon be the most successful DT under 6' and 300lbs in the NFL. Dan Klecko is too disruptive to keep off the field. If I were an opposing offensive coordinator, I'd consider running roll-outs instead of pocket passing and pitch outs instead of running up the middle when I play against New England.
Fantasy Football Rating: Fantasy Hall of Famer to-be? Sacks and Fumbles. Disruptions also cause others to get INTs and Sacks.
Prospect Type: Undersized. Ready-to-go. Special Skill - Plays in the Offensive Pocket.

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