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Ian Scott

Chicago Bears




Strength: Ian Scott is a good sized defensive tackle with nimble feet and good instincts. Ian Scott holds his position at the line against the run and can get away from the lineman to make the tackles consistantly.
Weakness: Ian Scott isn't particularly strong or big for a DT. Ian Scott doesn't have speed laterally or get up field very far very often. Ian Scott doesn't get to the QB much.
Development: Ian Scott is a good athlete, except for not having any speed. Ian Scott is one of those defensive tackles that at times completely stops the running game up the middle, and not much else. But with all the good running backs in the NFL right now, that's what most teams really want from a DT. Ian Scott can step in as an immediate impact player on running downs. Ian Scott actually seems to have tools to be a pass rusher, but didn't do it in college.
Fantasy Football Rating: No stats guy.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Special Skill - Run-Stopper.

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