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Lee Suggs

Cleveland Browns



Virginia Tech

Strength: Lee Suggs has muscle, speed, agility, intelligence, and field vision. Lee Suggs was very productive in college and scored a lot of TDs. Lee Suggs is a solid blocker.
Weakness: Lee Suggs has had a lot of injuries over his college career. Lee Suggs had astonishingly few catches and was taken out of the game a lot on passing downs.
Development: When Cleveland picked Lee Suggs they were gambling on whether he'd get injured, not on his talent. Lee Suggs is just too good of a runner not to play if he can avoid injuries. It can't be lost in this that he was actually a very durable runner getting a heavy load of carries last year. Forget that he's a 4th round pick, Lee Suggs should challenge for a starting job right away, but probably won't play on third downs until he proves whether it was his receiving skills or the offense he played in that got him so few catches. Lee Suggs may get a chance to play kick returner if he doesn't start, probably doesn't have the hands for punt returner. Long-term Lee Suggs looks to be a productive starting half back in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Think TDs.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Injury risk.

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