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Nick Eason

Denver Broncos




Strength: Nick Eason is a strong defensive tackle who uses his strong arms and legs to get a strong initial push towards the backfield against even the larger offensive linemen. Nick Eason is always going at full speed and he sticks out from the other athletes on the field because of it. Nick Eason shows a great deal of intelligence diagnosing offensive plays. Nick Eason, a workout warrior, is one of the strongest men in the draft and it DOES translate to the football field.
Weakness: Nick Eason doesn't have the weight some scouts want, though I think extra non-muscle weight would be a mistake for his style of play. Nick Eason has had several leg injuries, possibly because he's too strong for his own tendons? Nick Eason is noticeably slower than he used to be, but that may be temporary, espcially with his re-hab work ethic.
Development: Nick Eason dropped in the draft because of injury issues and bad speed workouts. The interesting thing is that guys with his muscle workout numbers usually jump way up the draft boards higher than their college play dictates. Nick Eason is one of those rare guys who uses all that muscle on the field. If Nick Eason recovers and avoid future injuries, the Denver Broncos may be laughing all the way to a couple more Super Bowls. Nick Eason needs to continue to work on his pass rush technique because even his great strength may not work against a couple 360lbs linemen. His run stopping is already pretty polished. Nick Eason should win a starting DT job soon and hold onto it as long as he's healthy.
Fantasy Football Rating: Can't run away from him and can't run at him, but doesn't make much difference for fantasy stats. His far above average sack numbers for a DT may be nice though.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Special Skill - Power-Muscles (muscle for incredible bursts of strength, rather than high endurance muscle).

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