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Brett Williams

Kansas City Chiefs



Florida State

Strength: Brett Williams has the prototype Tackle frame. Brett Williams has faced a lot of good competition and played in a lot of games at Florida State. Brett Williams dominated defensive linemen in those games, and is hard to fool with trick moves. Brett Williams uses leverage and stance very well to dominate linemen who may be stronger than him.
Weakness: Brett Williams has had some injuries. Brett Williams lack of quick legs makes him vulnerable to blitzing outside linebackers and safeties. Brett Williams is not particularly strong.
Development: Brett Williams dropped in the draft because of leg injuries and slow legs. However, Brett Williams is an experienced lineman who knows how to play his position at a high and consistent level. Brett Williams fits perfectly into Kansas City offense because they like to do a lot of quick passing plays, which are a perfect fit for him. In a different scheme Brett Williams might have to play right tackle to avoid getting direct hits on QBs by blitzing safeties who tend to blow by Brett on deep pass drops. I believe Brett Williams can be a Pro Bowl Tackle right away in the NFL, if his legs hold up and don't get any slower. Don't be surprised to see him as a Pro Bowl Guard, if he has trouble moving his beat-up legs at NFL speed in the Tackle position.
Fantasy Football Rating: Brett Williams knows how to play his position and can do anything asked of him by Kansas City's offense, so if he starts anywhere on the line he should be an immediate boost to their already potent running and passing games.
Prospect Type: Injury Risk. Polished. Dominant.

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