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Matt Wilhelm

San Diego Chargers



Ohio State

Strength: Matt Wilhelm is a strong MLB in the mold of a Kurt Gouveia, who will make a lot of very smart plays and get in on a lot of big plays. Matt Wilhelm keeps his eyes on the ballcarrier at all times.
Weakness: Matt Wilhelm has technique flaws in most parts of his game. Matt Wilhelm doesn't display workout speed on the football-field.
Development: Matt Wilhelm has all of the intelligence, instincts, and physical skills scouts look for in a Middle Linebacker. Matt Wilhelm played a lot in college against good competition, but he didn't learn the finer points of being a MLB. That should change in San Diego, as Matt Wilhelm should get a lot of practice on special teams for a couple years while the coaches work on making him into a great MLB. However, Seau is gone and Matt Wilhelm could challenge for that job if he works really hard in minicamps. Nothing would make San Diego happier, as they project him as their long-term solution to MLB. Matt Wilhelm is yet another of the prototypical Marty picks - somebody who needs teaching and has ideal build and solid, but not overwhelming skills. Plus Marty likes to make his guys earn starting jobs on special teams.
Fantasy Football Rating: Average MLB stats this year, IF he starts.
Prospect Type: Raw. Intelligent.

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