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Terrence McGee

Buffalo Bills



Northwestern State

Strength: Terrence McGee has shown a lot of ball skills, making interceptions and forcing fumbles, in spite of small hands. Terrence McGee plays his positions properly and makes good reads. Terrence McGee is an excellent punt returner. Terrence McGee has the strength to play safety and the athleticism to play cornerback.
Weakness: Terrence McGee is short. Terrence McGee may not be fast enough on deep routes to play man-to-man CB against faster receivers, though he has no speed issues covering receivers on short and medium routes. Terrence McGee's punt return stats seemed to be directly affected by how many plays he made on defense, especially when he played the more physical safety position.
Development: Terrence McGee is an interesting prospect because he has a lot of plus skills and a lot of negative physique issues. Historically, plus skills and college productivity are better predictors of pro success than having a certain physique, so Terrence McGee could be anywhere from successful to very successful in the NFL. Terrence McGee knows how to play positions and can learn the Buffalo defensive scheme by the start of the season, whether they want him at Safety or Cornerback. Terrence McGee will probably start out as a nickel and if he plays well he could crack a starting lineup any time from this year to two years down the road. Terrence McGee could be the main guy at punt returner immediately.
Fantasy Football Rating: Makes turnovers, explosive punt returner.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Special Skill - Punt Returns.

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