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Seneca Wallace

Seattle Seahawks



Iowa State

Strength: Seneca Wallace has great touch on his passes, and may be more accurate throwing on the move. Seneca Wallace is a strong runner with good moves, good speed, and great field vision for either running or passing.
Weakness: Seneca Wallace becomes one of the shortest QBs in pro football. Seneca Wallace shows a lot of inexperience at QB and needs a lot of technique work. Seneca Wallace has small hands and extremely high fumbles numbers.
Development: Seneca Wallace is a west-coast type of QB who can make quick passes, roll-out option passes, or run the ball. Because of his height, if he will probably be used mostly on roll-out plays which will allow him to use his quickness to avoid rushers and have clear vision and throwing lanes down-field. Seneca Wallace will have to become near-perfect with his technique if he is to succeed in this league as QB with his height disadvantage, so he has a long ways to go. That is probably why Seattle drafted him. If Seneca Wallace fails to develop as a QB he could try to be a running back with his running skills. It would be interesting to see what Seneca Wallace could do as a running back on roll-out options, with his passing ability forcing LBs and DBs to stay on their receivers instead of coming up to stop his runs. Don't be surprised to see him do that this year on occassion to get some playing time and give defenses something else to think about on third downs.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact this year, unless Holmgren wants to use him as a goal-line option QB, but watch out for fumbles.
Prospect Type: Raw. Undersized. Athletic.

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