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Terrell Suggs

Baltimore Ravens



Arizona State

Strength: Terrell Suggs has quickness and moves that leave even his best opponents watching him from behind as he hammers the QB.
Weakness: Everthing not involving sacks and QB pressures.
Development: Terrell Suggs should make an immediate impacts as a pass rusher. The rest of Terrell Suggs game needs a lot of development, but Baltimore doesn't mind that for all of the disruption he'll cause to the passing game and one-on-one matchups he'll create for linemen and holes he'll create for linebackers. Rumor is he dropped to 10th because his 40 time at the combine was slower than several other, bigger, defensive ends. It means nothing because Terrell Suggs game is quickness and moves.
Fantasy Football Rating: Fantasy football is about stats, not overall play. If your league likes sacks and forced fumbles, Suggs could be a steal in late rounds. He will create good statistical plays for those around him, such as interceptions and fumble recoveries, too.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 60% chance of success. 40% chance of Pro Bowl.

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