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Jarret Johnson

Baltimore Ravens




Strength: Jarret Johnson is a cunning football player. Jarret Johnson is a very strong lineman with a lot of nifty pass rush moves to utilize his strength. Jarret Johnson often hits or steps between linemen before they know the ball was snapped, which disrupted running and passing plays.
Weakness: Jarret Johnson is greatly undersized by modern defensive tackle standards, and wasn't a good run stopper at the college level. Jarret Johnson used strength as his main weapon in college and may not have such a strength advantage against NFL linemen.
Development: Jarret Johnson is one of those guys who doesn't have the 'NFL shape'. What Jarret Johnson does have is a history of success. Jarret Johnson could be one of the best pass-rushing defensive tackles in the league, by blowing by offensive linemen. Jarret Johnson is a strong tackler, but can be kept away from running backs by good blockers. Jarret Johnson, does however, impact the running game greatly by causing breakdowns with his penetration which causes running backs to have to re-route in the backfield. Jarret Johnson is not your typical defensive tackle, but he brings special, polished skills to the table that will make him a good defensive tackle immediately, provided he plays beside a defensive tackle who is big enough to hold his ground at the line. Otherwise opponents will bull-rush over the middle of Baltimore's line.
Fantasy Football Rating:
Prospect Type: Polished. Cunning. Special Skill - Quick, Strong upfield pass rush moves. Undersized.

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