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Quentin Griffin

Denver Broncos




Strength: Quentin Griffin is a late 1980s to early 1990s prototype running back: He is built low to the ground and thick, with pass catching ability, quickness, elusiveness, leg drive, cut-blocking ability, and speed.
Weakness: Quentin Griffin doesn't have the 2000s height and size to punish the defense. Though strong enough to push piles of DBs and LBs forward, Quentin Griffin often gets stacked up at the line by defensive linemen.
Development: Quentin Griffin was a very consistant and productive college back with all of the physical tools necessary to be successful at the next level. He has an unusual build for a Denver running back, but they thought his talent was too much to overlook at this point in the draft. It is likely Quentin Griffin will earn the job as Denver's third-down back this year. Quentin Griffin may also be one of the kick returners. Quentin Griffin can do everything a running back needs to do to in this league and could be a 1000 yard runner with high receptions numbers if he earns a starting job some day.
Fantasy Football Rating: Quentin Griffin could have 20-30 receptions and a few long draw play runs this year.
Prospect Type: Productive. Polished.

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