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DeJuan Groce

St. Louis Rams




Strength: DeJuan Groce is an intelligent cornerback who can predict receiver routes. DeJuan Groce has a strong upper body that he uses well for tackling. DeJuan Groce has good hand-eye coordination, as displayed by his very high pass deflection and solid interception numbers in college. DeJuan Groce is also an exceptional punt returner because of his field vision and instincts.
Weakness: DeJuan Groce is shorter than ideal for a cornerback. DeJuan Groce has less than ideal cornerback speed and agility.
Development: St. Louis has more good punt and kick returners than they know what to do with, and DeJuan Groce is the third one taken in just this draft. St. Louis likes all of its players to be great ball runners with good speed. DeJuan Groce is an experienced college cornerback who has played well against some of the better college receivers. DeJuan Groce shouldn't take more than a year to develop into the best CB he can be. DeJuan Groce is probably a better punt returner than corner at this level, but he is a solid CB who can succeed at this level.
Fantasy Football Rating: Stats CB and PR who will take the ball the distance when it is in his hands. Will give up a lot of short to medium range catches to taller and quicker WRs, which will lead to a lot of tackles and INT opportunities.
Prospect Type: Productive. Special-Skill - Field Vision.

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