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Shaun McDonald

St. Louis Rams



Arizona State

Strength: Shaun McDonald makes a strength out of his tiny size by being incredibly hard to get a hold of in the open field. Shaun McDonald is a great athlete who can 'make moves in the middle of moves'. Shaun McDonald has instant stop and start speed and makes great cuts. Shaun McDonald is also very football smart.
Weakness: Shaun McDonald is tiny and not very strong. Doesn't have great straight-line speed, but uses his stop and start moves to neutralize larger players' speed advantages in the open field.
Development: Shaun McDonald is exactly what St. Louis looks for in a receiver and he should fit in well right away. Shaun McDonald can get open instantly for quick passes. He's a polished receiver who will be ready to play on opening day. Shaun McDonald has punt and kick returner written all over him, though a lot of the team's players do. Although in modern times many teams prefer bigger returners who won't go down with an arm swat, in the mold of Brian Mitchell.
Fantasy Football Rating: Too much depth on the team for immediate impact unless he wins the returner job.
Prospect Type: Special-skill - great moves. Polished. Productive. Ready-to-go.

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