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Onterrio Smith

Minnesota Vikings




Strength: Onterrio Smith has ideal moves, speed, vision, and strength for a small back. Onterrio Smith can go the distance.
Weakness: Onterrio Smith has a lot of work to do to become a complete back, including developing receiving and blocking skills. Onterrio Smith curiously had a big drop off in his statistics in 2002.
Development: Onterrio Smith is a great runner and can make an immediate impact on running downs in Minnesota. Onterrio Smith will probably be the third back in spite of his tremendous running ability because Minnesota has more complete and polished running backs. Onterrio Smith has the physical talent to be a consistent 1000 yard back when he cracks a line-up.
Fantasy Football Rating: Onterrio Smith could see some goal line carries right away.
Prospect Type: Productive. Project.

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