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Domanick Davis

Houston Texans




Strength: Domanick Davis has great agility, vision, and burst through the hole. Domanick Davis can make defenders miss and get lost in a crowd of big linemen, but is strong enough to push his way forward in a crowd. Domanick Davis has the acceleration to hit the corners before defenders can get there.
Weakness: Domanick Davis had a lot of fumbles in college. Domanick Davis lacks ideal speed for a smaller running back, though he is fast enough to break a long one.
Development: Domanick Davis is a late 1980s to early 1990s type running back. Domanick Davis gets great production, is small enough to bounce around and get lost in crowds, and accelerates fast enough to leave linemen grasping at air. Domanick Davis may surprise a lot of people and win a starting job in Houston this year. Domanick Davis should be productive in most offensive schemes. Domanick Davis could also get opportunities returning punts and kicks.
Fantasy Football Rating: When he gets in the lineup he should be a productive back, and Houston is a team in need of a back to step forward and carry the load.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Productive.

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